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“Technology Empowered Customer Experiences”

Awaken and babelforce have partnered together to provide agents with a seamless experience within a single interface. By integrating multiple telephony and software solutions together, we allow agents to reside within one place and access various old and new systems within their own contact centres. Awaken’s solution doesn’t require development, which makes it easily deployable for any business.

Awaken‘s technology is based on 27 years of experience operating in contact centre space. At Awaken, our enduring focus is ensuring access to leading technologies through our solutions, designed for the contact centre industry. We are a passionate team with years of experience in owning and operating contact centres, and we draw on that wealth of knowledge to provide our clients with intelligent technologies.

Awaken Dynamic Agent Guidance

Awaken Scripting allows for the rapid development and deployment of workflows to give agents everything they need to allow them to concentrate on delighting the customer, rather than on what to say or do next. When a client identifies an improvement they want to make they may have existing system incompatibilities or resource challenges, Awaken Scripting can be deployed. The application is drag and drop and can be configured by the operational team and does not require IT/developers. The application is a browser-based workflow application with a drag and drop, fully configurable interface.