Partner Program

At babelforce we love to partner – our motto: help others do their thing really well.

“High-quality customer experiences depend on multiple technologies and processes working together in perfect harmony: great partnerships are central to making customers happy!”
Below you’ll find some information on the various ways that we cooperate with partners. Are you interested in offering babelforce to your customers? Do you want babelforce to offer your products? Do you want to offer a value-added service to our customers?

We have a beautifully simple partnership model – you can start adding value and earning a lot more very quickly. It takes 1 minute to apply:

No matter what type of partnership, there is just one application form and process. Find out more about the types of partnerships here and note that several types can be combined, e.g. it is possible to be a Referral Partner and a Service Partner.

We like to work with referral partners who add value for their customers. If the following speaks to you, then being a referral partner could be just the thing for you:

  • your customers look to you for expertise in consultancy, design, implementation, integration, process optimisation, …
  • your customers need to integrate communications solutions (e.g. phone, SMS, presence status, etc.) with other solutions
  • you help businesses with their CRM, customer service or support processes
  • you help businesses get the most out of cloud products

The babelforce Referral Partner program offers you the ability to very quickly offer your customers advanced communications solutions that integrate fully with CRM, agent desktop, case and ticket management and collaboration or productivity tools.

You can earn a lot and rapidly. For example, if you already help customers with CRM solutions, you can immediately begin earning more from integrated inbound and outbound communications with the CRM platform.



We have a unique offering for resellers: You can very easily become a major telecommunications supplier with a powerful set of integrated communications apps. We want to work with resellers who are adding significant value for their customers. If you already integrate webshop/e-commerce platforms, CRM, ticketing and case management or other SaaS solutions for your customers, then we’d love to talk to you.

For resellers, we offer the following:

  • Easily add high-quality telecommunications services to your solutions
  • Get your own inbound telephone number pool, i.e. you can offer your own telephone services
  • We generate all telecommunications billing data for you, so that you can automate even complex billing
  • You can get optimised telecoms routing for your territories and requirements: with over 40 integrated telecoms carriers
  • You can immediately offer your customers pre-built apps for contact centers, sales, service and support teams
  • You can even create your own packages & pricing for your customers and your industry

To put it simply: you can become a significant cloud communications provider for your customers. We like to help you succeed. Apply to the partner program now and let’s talk about your requirements and aims:



Do you offer a product, e.g. a cloud platform, SaaS solution or products used by contact, sales and service teams? Do you think that babelforce customers could benefit from having your product offered with babelforce communications apps?

Then we’d love to talk to you!

We offer several ways to work together:

  • We can integrate with your API or offer integrated apps on your cloud platform
  • You can integrate with our APIs and create integrated apps, widgets, etc. for other platforms
  • We can promote your product to our customers, e.g. if you offer software or hardware devices that work with our communications solutions

Apply now – it takes 1 minute. Then let’s talk about how we can work together



Do you provide consultancy, professional services or specialised resources that could benefit our customers? If so, then we can cooperate and promote your services. Here are some examples of the kinds of consultancy and services that our customers need:

Design and User Experience:

  • User experience design & consultancy
  • Graphic design
  • Voice user interface design
  • Voice talents and audio production

Implementation and integration:

  • Web and app development
  • Implementation consultancy and configuration for SaaS products
  • Integration with cloud and SaaS products: CRM, webshop platforms, ticketing, case management, payments solutions, …
  • Data migration services
  • Contact center setup and agent training


  • Telephone answering services
  • Outsourced contact agent services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Telesales outsourcing



Our customers make use of lots of different services provided by freelancers and contractors in order to deploy, maintain and optimise their babelforce communications solutions. If you are an experienced and specialised freelancer and do any of the following you could very well be able to offer your services to our customers:

  • Voice artist
  • Audio production for IVR
  • Graphic design for websites and webshops
  • Web and app development
  • Integration and development
  • Data migration

Just apply to our partner program – it takes 1 minute: