It is extraordinary what power is available now to transform your call and contact center. Learn how to optimize your call center services and business processes with AWS and integrations.
Do you feel like your team in the call or contact center do not have access to the best integration and automation capability? This webinar is here to show you how to achieve almost any process across your various systems.

We’ll use our knowledge from enterprise contact centers deployed using a combination of AWS and other core systems like CRMs and Helpdesks. We’ll cover an approach that will allow you to do lots of powerful automation quickly, for example:

–> Getting data from IVR and call flows into your Helpdesk or CRM

–> Using data from your systems to guide routing, e.g. prioritization of VIP status or high LTV

–> Optimizing automatic selection of language, skill set, territory

–> Improving efficiency for call-backs. Would you like to offer call-back in the web like Amazon does it?

–> Deliver dynamic data to agents with each call

–> Ensuring security and compliance in different territories for calls and data

–> Using call recording in a compliant way

–> Integrating telecoms and voice media devices

–> Recommend how to optimize networks for voice traffic

–> Dealing with out-of-hours calls and business rules

–> Optimising processes for calls, ticketing, CRM and what happens on the backend and in fulfilment

–> Setting up real-time monitoring for call and sales teams

–> Using speech recognition and AI in IVR and conversation bots

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Automate & Integrate in the CCTR

Cloud + CX + Service: The new art of the possible

45 min

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